We Are All In This Together

  1. This one is for my Unfuckers

    My car is 11 years old this month. It has 163000 miles and cloudy, cloudy headlights.

    I was looking into some of the “de-clouding” stuff online when I came across something that described what actually happens in that process. What happens is a very fine grit sanding/polishing fluid or paste is applied to the area with some pressure (usually with a buffer or there are tips you can put on a common power drill) to smooth and polish the headlight.

    It occurred to me that I have very fine grit sanding material already. Magic Erasers!!!

    The top is before (Actually, right after the very first pass when I realized I should take a “before” picture) and the bottom is after about 5 minutes of considerable elbow grease. It’s not perfect, but it beats spending $20 for a power drill attachment that only does one thing. It is WAY better than the $75 the detailing guys at my oil change place.